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Respect My Vagina!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

hot jayde nicole navel

Former Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole splashed around Miami beach on Sunday sans Brody Jenner . I never noticed, but she has “Respect”prminently  tattooed over her vagina.  Her tattoo features, in black ink,  the word “Respect” in blackmoor font on her extreme lower abdomen, just above her pussy. Jayde and former boyfriend Brody Jenner figured in a brawl incident at the Los Angeles nightclub, Guys and Dolls with Girls Gone Wild guru Joe Francis; lawsuits and counter-lawsuits have been filed against each other.

hot jayde nicole pussy tattoo

Jayde dishes on the infamous “Respect” tattoo above her lady bits: She says she got it when she was really young. She had it done when she had just gotten out of a bad relationship, and she says  it served as a reminder not to let anyone treat her that way again. As for the location of the tattoo, her modeling agency said she could only get it some place on her body it wouldn’t show in a bikini. Of course at that time neither Jayde nor her agency knew she would be filming for Playboy. On a related note, I’m quite curious as to what Jayde does when her date sees it for the first time, laughs and asks if it’s supposed to be ironic.

hot jayde nicole bikini

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